Manchester Boiler Repairs

Boiler Repairs ManchesterWe all know someone whose boiler has broken down at an inconvenient time – even the most expensive boilers develop faults occasionally. At My Emergency Plumber we offer rapid, professional boiler repairs to existing and new customers. Once you’ve made a booking, our Gas Safe certified boiler engineers will visit you within 30-90 minutes with all the equipment needed to make your boiler safe.

No matter what make or model boiler you have installed in your home or other property, we can fix it!

Common boiler callout faults

Boilers are complicated devices and can develop faults for any number of reasons. Here are some of the most common faults our customers report:

  • My boiler keeps switching off or resetting
  • The hot water temperature is fluctuating
  • The Heating comes on with the hot water
  • I have no hot water in my property
  • The water pressure is too low
  • My boiler is leaking from somewhere
  • There are strange noises from the boiler
  • My boiler has a faulty diverter valve
  • My boiler has a faulty heat exchanger
  • The radiators have circulation problems
  • My boiler keeps overheating
  • My boiler is experiencing ignition faults

What information do we need before we fix your boiler?

When you contact us, it’s best to have the make and model of faulty boiler at hand. Even better, you can attach a photograph of the boiler, which will help our repair team identify it.

Assuming we have the necessary parts we aim to get all boilers repaired within a few hours of arrival at your property.

What brands of boiler can be repaired?

Our Boiler Technicians can repair gas boilers of any make and model, including:

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How are boiler repairs carried out?

Depending on your boiler setup, some boiler repair tasks can be carried out without the assistance of an engineer. The following videos are a guide to some of the easier boiler fixing options.

Remember to always consult a qualified Gas Safe boiler technician before attempting repairs yourself.

How To Bleed a Radiator

This video demonstrates how to bleed a radiator, in order to release built up air and solve heating problems such as a 'gurgling' sound and cold radiator tops.

How to Repressurise a Heating System with an Internal Filling Key

This video shows you how to repressurise your heating system using your Greenstar gas boiler's internal filling key.

How to Re-Establish the Radio Frequency Connection between your Boiler and Thermostat

This video shows you how to re-establish the radio frequency connection between your thermostat control and boiler.

How to Repressurise a Heating System with an External Filling Hose

This video shows you how to repressurise your heating system with an external filling hose.

How to unfreeze a frozen condensate pipe

Freezing cold weather can cause boiler condensate pipes to freeze, which can prevent the boiler from functioning. This video shows you how to safely unfreeze the condensate pipe should it become frozen. Please excercise extreme care and caution, as demonstrated in the video.

Handy Greenstar Boiler Checks

Some simple checks for your Worcester Greenstar gas boiler, such as boiler pressure, checking room temperature and boiler codes.

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