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Heating Issues – Should I keep my heating on all the time?

You will be amazed how regular we get asked this question, especially considering most of us aren’t indoors all day so we understand that many will wonder whether it is better to turn the heating off whilst we’re not at home. However, depending on your home and boiler type, it may be just as efficient to leave your heating on as it is to turn it off. We will explain why below.

If you choose to leave your central heating on, it can prevent your boiler from overworking. During colder months, if you let the temperature of your home drop quite low, it could mean your boiler uses just as much fuel, if not more, to heat it back up again.

Why does my boiler take a while to heat up?

One way to avoid this is to keep your heating on but turn your thermostat down. This way you’re not overheating your home whilst you’re not there, all the while preventing your boiler from having to go into overdrive once you’re back to heat it up quickly.

An alternative to having your heating on all day is to set your boiler to be on a timer. This way your heating can come on an hour or so before you get home, helping to avoid walking into a cold house. Many of us will instinctively turn the thermostat up high as soon as we walk through the door if the heating is off. This is not the most energy efficient method, so instead plan to get your home warmed up before you arrive and walk into a comfortable temperature whilst avoiding to having to turn the thermostat up.

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