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We can fix the following blocked toilet problems in Eccles - 7 days a week.

  • Blocked Drains
  • Blocked Waste Pipe
  • Blocked Plumbing
  • Drain Surveys
  • Slow Draining Bowl
  • Outside Drain Over Flowing
  • Broken Cistern

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Eccles Blocked ToiletMy Emergency Plumber, the leading toilet unblocking company in Eccles, offering fast, reliable and affordable blocked toilet services. We specialise in CCTV drainage surveys and more, covering the whole of Greater Manchester.

Blocked toilets can cause problems both internally and externally to your Eccles home. Often a blocked toilet is the result of a blockage further down the line somewhere, so call us if you have slow draining water through toilets or waste pipes.

Drains with stagnant or slow-draining water can sometimes make if difficult for a homeowner to identify the exact location of the blockage, and what might be causing the obstruction.

Our blocked toilet experts have over 25 years' experience in clearing and repairing all sorts of pipework blockages around Eccles. Typically our drain engineers will clear Eccles toilet blockages within an hour.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all emergency work – call now to check availability.

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Common problems causing toilet blockages

  • Cracked pipes and holes in pipes that become brittle from corrosion
  • Missing pipe bottoms from heavy, corrosive waste
  • Debris build-up and obstruction causes limited flow and waste back-ups
  • Root intrusion into underground pipe lines causing back-up
  • Non-flushable materials like cotton buds, sanitary aids or wet-wipes

Eccles Blocked Toilet Clearance & Other Blockages

Blocked toilet pipework

Excess toilet paper, sanitary products, nappies and even the occasional toy or mobile phone being flushed can cause toilet blockages.

Solution: Access to main outdoor sewer pipes and manholes is often required, depending where the drain blockage is located. High pressure water jetting and rods are then used to clear blockages.

Blocked showers and baths

These issues can usually be caused by a build up of hair, mixed together with shampoo and soap. These will bind together to create pipe blockages, often at the pipe joints or elbows.

Solution: Internal bath and shower drainage pipes are usually cleaned by using either high pressure water jetting or a flexible drain wire.

External outside drain blockages

These can sometimes be caused by more than just the usual waste blockages that affect indoor pipework. Outside drains can easily get blocked up with leaves, tree roots, mud and many more solid substances.

Solution: Outside drains are unblocked and cleared using flexible drain rods and high pressure water jetting.

Blocked sink waste pipes

This is usually caused by fatty substances (grease, cooking oil and fats) washed down the sink and sticking to the inside of pipes, causing a build up then a blockage.

Solution: Internal sink pipes can usually cleaned by either high pressure water jetting or a long, flexible drain wire fed into the pipe from the sink end.

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